Monday, December 13, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

We are celebrating tonight! Today was the day that we have looked forward to for several months. We started our adoption process in early June and the past 6 months have been filled with paper chasing and waiting. Then today Daddy and I loaded up the little kids and the completed dossier and headed south to the capitol of Alabama to get THIS! Our state of Alabama certification.

Funny story: it was freezing here today and very windy, but me and the twins had to stand in front of the building that houses our Secretary of State and take a picture. Right after Daddy snapped this picture, the three of us dropped the certified paper and it started blowing down the sidewalk. Luckily, I got to it and snatched it up just before I made a complete fool of myself running out into the road in front of our state capitol. After I rescued the paper, we all cracked up laughing : ) especially the kids.

Next, we headed to the Fed Ex store and had our baby girl all packaged up safely and paid way too much money to have her overnighted. There were several people in line behind us so when I asked the clerk if I could snap a picture of these two sweet ones holding the box before he took it, I got some rather impatient looks from the folks behind me. As I turned to leave, I said, "sorry to keep you guys waiting but their baby sister is in that box, we HAD to have a picture". Hope child services is not on my doorstep tomorrow. ; )

It may sound crazy, but I'm praying that this special little package is tucked safely on a jet tonight headed to our agency. But, here is what my dinning room table looked like last night.

That is six months of tears, prayers, and anticipation. I have been pregnant 6 times and birthed 7 children and I'm not sure all of it put together took this much effort. All I can say is, I pray this baby girl knows how much she is loved. Momma and Daddy may have been in charge of most of this paperwork but the rest of our crew have been amazing little cheerleaders on the sidelines. They can't wait to get their little sister here.

Baby girl, we are praying you HOME to Alabama! And tonight, we are a huge step closer! Thank you Jesus for this day. Only HE could have brought us this far. I am boasting in my Father's love tonight.

'til there's no more!


  1. Congrats! So exciting to be a step closer to bringing your sweet girl home :)

  2. Congrats!! What a great day!! I am loving the song!!:)

  3. Yay!!! This is SUCH A HUGE step accomplished...and a HUGE step closer to your sweet baby girl!!!! AND I just love your big family and can't wait to see it get a bit bigger!!! I'm an Alabama girl at heart...oh I do hope you are coming to the adoption momma retreat...are you??

  4. Oh you better believe I'm coming to the retreat! I am so excited... and I'm bringing my sister-in-law with me! See you in Feb : )

  5. YAY, Polly!!! I am so EXCITED for ya'll!!! I am playing "catch-up" on all my blog reading, so I am just now seeing this awesome news!!! Praise God!! A HUGE step closer to baby Esther!!

  6. That is wonderful news! I remember well those trips to Montgomery and getting the certifications and fun! We always turned it into a field trip!
    I am so excited you have that big paperwork dossier behind you! YAY! Now you can look forward to Esther Day! :)

  7. this is a wonderful day! step closer!!