Thursday, January 12, 2012

So, I just couldn't wait.... here's the video!

Last night I teased everyone by saying that I had a "favorite" video I wanted to share.... well, I just couldn't wait any longer. (And I have a busier than normal schedule for the next few days, so it's probably now or way later).

Y'all know when I read a book that I just love, I can't shut up about it. Well, guess what.... I've got about three that y'all are going to be hearing about soon because I've finished some really good ones lately. But, you probably remember that a couple months ago, I could not stop harping about Katie Davis's book, Kisses from Katie.

We have been Katie fans for a while so of course her book was a huge inspiration to me. I then passed it on to Lexie (my oldest daughter) who was equally inspired; but also very moved to really begin to ask the Lord to move in her heart and give her a desire to seek HIS plans for her life, rather than her own plans.

In homeschool, we do have a guidance counselor just like in "real" school. His name is Jesus!!! So, she's been meeting with her "guidance counselor" lately, (did I mention, He's always available?) and I like what He's been saying to her. She's still a junior in high school but I can't wait to see what kind of plans He has for her.

Anyhow, lately Lexie has been sharing Kisses from Katie with some of her friends. I love watching God wreck their hearts and give them desires that are aligned with HIS.

A few months ago, while Katie was doing her book tour, we were able to hear her speak at the Church of Brook Hills here in town. While we were there, we saw a video of her journey. She said something in that video that I thought was profound. Plain, SIMPLE, and PROFOUND!

Turn off my music at the bottom of the page and watch THIS video. Listen to Katie's response to people who say to her, "Wow, you are so lucky that you found what God wants you to do with your life..."

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  1. LOVE this video and love the book! I only have 2 chapters's soooooo good!