Sunday, February 14, 2010

Long Awaited Snow Day!!!!

We woke up Friday morning to a house full of very anxious kiddos. The weather man said we would see snow by mid morning and there was nothing to do but wait. Well, that was until I thought of a great idea to pass the time quickly.

We headed to the kitchen to bake our Valentine cup-cakes. My girls love to make a mess in the kitchen and this would prove to be an excellent opportunity.
Maggie is very careful to get her sprinkles just perfect.
Lilly would consider herself the "head" chef : )
When it was all over the girls had decorated some very festive cupcakes.........
.........and the boys did what boys do best......

they ATE them!!!!

By mid morning the snow started to fall.... so we ran upstairs, pulled our snow clothes out of the storage bins and headed out the door to build snowmen (and women). Of course, it had to be a competition.

The boys and I built a cowboy snowman, decked out with a hat, holster and gun. (I think we won : )

Daddy and the girls (along with their friend from next door) constructed a snow-girl, accessorized with a tiara, scarf and shades. My man is an awesome girl daddy : )
This was the first time the twins REALLY enjoyed the snow.
Maggie had lots of fun despite the fact, she was very disturbed that her wardrobe did not match.
Something I have to remind the big kids of alot..... yes, she is an angel!!!
Below, brother gives big sis a ride on the 4-wheeler. He totally adores her..... even though he'd never admit to it. I just can't believe he's old enough to drive this thing by himself... well, actually, he's probably not....... and I'm guessing they should be wearing helmets. Oh well, maybe I shouldn't post this pic but it's just too cute not to.
..... and baby Cross gets to enjoy his FIRST snow day!!! He loved it!!

All of this fun led to a zillion cups of hot chocolate, a house full of nasty floors, and a laundry room full of wet clothes to be washed. I wouldn't trade this "bliss" for anything!


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  1. mommy
    i had a great time playing in the snow it was really fun
    well i guess the weather men were right for the FIRST time ever

    love maggie