Thursday, June 3, 2010

God Funds What He Favors and He Favors Adoption!!!

As we began to pray about adoption, we thought surely God wasn't calling US to do this and mainly for one reason. We couldn't afford it. We knew we could continue to care for the children we sponsor and even assist a few others in their adoption finances... but come up with $25,000. ..... not likely. Our business had taken a blow as a result of the suffering economy and we were expecting another baby at the time. Surely LORD, not us! It sounded great and we would love to have an adopted son or daughter but financially, we just didn't think it was possible.

Well, we just couldn't shake this..... we knew HE was planning this, He just needed us to trust Him. Thats when we heard someone say, "God funds what He favors and He favors adoption". How profound! Like we thought for a minute HE didn't!!?? Of course He wants these fatherless children to have a home, a family, and the chance to hear about HIS grace. So the question became.... "do we or don't we believe that He will provide the resources to make this happen?". We knew the answer.... of course He would!

With our faith in hand, we set out to do something very expensive, yet we were very broke. Sound outrageous? Of course it does! But don't fret for a minute... let me just share what HE has done so far. Before we even filled out an application, a very precious friend called and offered to do a fund-raiser for us that ended up providing us with about $300. Guess how much our application fee was, yep, $300. Next we put a couple of items up for sale and expected it would take a while to move them, nope, they sold immediately for exactly what we would need for our initial fees. Then, oh no, here come the big fees.... a large portion of our adoption agency fee plus our home study agency fee are about to be due. Guess what, this past week-end, a dear friend shows up at our door with an extremely generous check that covers those fees. Praise the LORD!!!

This is amazing and I can't believe we almost missed this opportunity to see our "Daddy" provide for His children just because we were broke. Yes, we have a long way to go and alot of funds to come up with, but we don't doubt that HE will provide every dime. : )

Brothers and Sisters, if you feel God stirring your heart for adoption, please don't say "No" because you can't afford it. If you want to see how big your God is, say "YES" and watch HIM grow!!! To our friends who have already partnered with us to bring this orphan home, thank you. We know you give all glory to the Father!

"My friends, adoption is redemption. It's costly, exhaustive, expensive and outrageous. Buying back lives cost so much. When God set out to redeem us, it killed HIM." -Derek Loux

Praying for more redemption!

P.S. As a side note I feel like I need to say this. Yes, you can adopt domestically or from some countries and spend much less than $25,000. At this time, we just know God is asking us to go "international". I'm certain that's because that's where OUR child is. : )


  1. Love, love, love hearing how God provides!! Awesome! I know He will be faithful to provide all the money we need for our adoptions! The cool thing is to sit back and watch how He does it...perfectly in His timing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't think I have ever met you or your husband but I see you around church and my oldest has been in your SS class and your husband's Wednesday night group. I am overjoyed you guys are adopting. What an example to the families who feel "one more would just be too much". I encourage others to pray about it. We have a son we adopted from foster care. Although that route is free and the state actually pays us a stipend because he was older, we are amazed at how God has given us the support and people we need to provide for him. The expense for us is more emotional and for his therapies. Thank you for opening your home and your family to a child. I plan to check in here again and follow your journey more closely. -Debbie Brady

  3. So wonderful to have stumbled upon your blog! We are adopting from Ethiopia and are about the same distance in as you guys. Looking forward to keeping up with you and your BEAUTIFUL family that God has blessed you with.

  4. We are also just starting the process to adopt from Ethiopia also. We have been so humbled by how God is providing! We are totally in the same financial husband is a real estate agent and of all years to start the adoption process on paper this was not the time...but we felt God push and we are following and in less than two months He has provided almost all the initial funds we need! So awesome to watch Him work! Blessings to your family and I look forward to following your journey!

  5. Thank you for sharing how our Amazing God is working in your lives. When we are faithful, He is always faithful. Excited to hear the next blessing that comes your way!