Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Kids, Little Kids, and Babies!!! and we're officially "paper pregnant"!!!

Yes, we have labeled our kids! We currently have three categories. Big kids, little kids (a.k.a. the twins), and babies. Each group has certain benefits as well as demands.

Obviously, the babies get lots of attention and they get "away" with a lot more. They are both growing so fast and learning new things every day. Both of them keep us very busy all day but they also go to bed early! : )

The little kids are twins and they were known as "the babies" for a long time. We recently graduated them to "little kids" since now there are two actual babies in the house. As a little kid, they have taken on some new responsibilities such as school work, cleaning their own rooms, and helping with house work. They like this new title and they remind us that they get to stay up later than the babies.

The big kids... well, I could do an entire post on all that they do. The comment I hear most is, "I don't know how you do it".... my response to that is always, "my strength comes from the LORD". That is absolutely true but I have lots of help..... it's not all me. We are blessed to have both sets of grandparents, an aunt and uncle, and friends constantly doing something to make my day easier (not to mention I have THE best hubby who can do it all). But these big kids, they can pretty much run our house on their own. They change diapers, bath little kids and babies, help with dinner and housework and the list could go on. However, they get more benefits.... they have friends over more, get to go more places and yes... they stay up pretty late. I love how close the three of them are. They enjoy hanging out together doing things like swimming, jumping on the trampoline, playing the wii and they're all time favorite..... cracking jokes about one another. Never knew that could be so fun but they love it!!!!!

Here are some recent pics of all of them :

Below, the babies are waiting for their "check-ups". This all went bad when the injection nurse came in.
Enjoying a fun day at the beach!!!

The little kids, have so much fun together. It's fun to watch Lilly boss Levi around..... he just does what she says. (daddy says she's preparing him for marriage : )

And here you have the infamous "big kids"!!! I love that they are so close and have so much fun hanging out together. Yes, they are normal... they fuss like all kids but for the most part, I must say, they spend a lot of time together just having fun.

Well I hesitated to put the word "pregnant" near a picture of myself..... for the record, "I'm not". However, we are officially, "paper pregnant". The papers have been signed and mailed, and the home-study is underway!!!


  1. Polly, your family is so special. I have tears running down my face as I look at the picture of you two signing those papers. You are such an incredible example of a Godly woman, not to mention a Godly mother and wife. Thank you for all you do and the example you set.

  2. Oh my goodness, all your kids are just so precious!! What a blessing!! I love how the big kids help with the younger sweet! And soooo excited that ya'll are paper-pregnant! :) So fun! I love this journey that we are all on!

  3. I love yall and dont know what i would do without yall ;)

  4. Your kids are all so cute! We have labels for kids in our family, too! Exact same concept.
    Congratulations on your home study step forward!