Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to school and... a peek into the closet of a princess!

We are very busy around our house getting prepared to start school. Lexie had to start this week because she goes 2 days a week to a local co-op for home schooled kids and they began lessons on Monday. Dallas and Maggie are 4th and 7th grade and we are gearing up for them to begin school work next Monday. The twins are K-5 so they get to hang out for another 2 weeks. It seems to work best for me if I alternate them instead of starting everyone at the same time. We'll see how it all goes. It's the same yet always different from year to year.

We are very excited about tonight. Our church has a prayer service called First Day Pray at the beginning of the school year. Parents get the chance to bring their children and go to the altar with them to pray over them. Many ministers are also there and pray for all the children, parents, schools, teachers and faculty. This year my heart has been burdened even more to pray for our school systems especially, our public schools. We have precious nephews that are brand new students in brand new schools this year. So thankful that we have good schools for them to go to.

People tell me all the time that they don't know how mommas who homeschool do it. Well, I can't speak for all but I know I'm speaking for many when I say, it's all about PRAYER! So tonight might be "First Day Pray" but for this homeschooling momma there will be second day pray, third day pray, and eventually one hundred and seventy one day pray. It's an honor to get to be all my kid's teacher but HE's the strength behind the teacher. Thank you JESUS!

On another note, summer coming to an end has had one perk..... thanks to Target's summer clearance sale..... the highly anticipated Ethiopian princess coming to our house got herself a good start to a wardrobe. (We bought things that could be layered in case they fit when it's NOT summer... well, except the swimsuit but it was only a few bucks).

Can't you just picture her dark skin in that pink dress that says "Princess"? I sure can!


  1. love the clothes! so cute :) and i'm sure they will look great on her

  2. Love those cute clothes...definitely perfect for an sweet little Ethiopian princess! And yes, I am one of those people who says, "How do you sweet homeschooling moms do it?" :) Now I know the secret...prayer!! And lots of it!

  3. Cute outfits...LOVE Target and end of season clearances!!!! I am sure your little sweetie will look great in them!! I have to say I envy mommas who homeschool their kiddos!! Not sure I am cut out for it, but would love to have the extra time with them!

  4. Just found your blog and what a BEAUTIFUL family you have!!! Just gorgeous! Ok..can't wait to follow your journey now!!!