Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Orphan Sunday is coming up!!!! and we will have shirts very soon

It's so exciting hearing from so many people that are interested in starting Adoption and Orphan Care ministries in our churches. A very wise friend of mine reminded me a few days ago that churches that are not participating in orphan care are either unaware of our responsibility to orphans or, they are just being disobedient. That is so true! My husband and I were leaders in the church for many years before we were really aware of this truth. However, once our eyes were opened we could not pretend that we did not know. Therefore, we now know that part of our ministry is to share this news with as many people as we can. So let me offer a couple of resources.

*Our family will be hosting an adoption/orphan care fellowship at our home on September 25 at 6:00. This will just simply be a time to come together as believers and share ideas, stories, and encourage one another. E-mail me at pollybice@aol.com or leave me a comment if you are interested in joining us.

*Orphan Sunday is coming up on November 7. This is a day when Christians across America and around the world take a stand for the orphan. It is an opportunity for us to awaken the church to God's call to care for orphans. Events will be held across the country and you can join one of those or simply hold your own event in your church, community or your home. To read more about this amazing opportunity for awareness check out THIS website. This site offers a ton of resources for churches or individuals to celebrate this day.


Last, if you having been praying the prayer, "God, break our hearts for what breaks yours", then I think you are going to love our new t-shirts. They are going to be so cool and we should have them by the end of this week. Obviously, the proceeds will be used to help us bring our baby girl home from Ethiopia. I will post a picture and all the details about them as soon as they arrive.

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  1. So excited about what God is doing in your area! And I can't wait to see the shirt! I will be placing my order as soon as they are available! Yay!!