Wednesday, February 9, 2011

6 year old twins!!!

We can not believe it but our sweet babies are 6. Yesterday was Levi and Lilly's birthday but I'm just now getting around to blogging them a "happy birthday" message.

It was a Friday night in September of 2004 that changed our lives forever. We took a trip to the ER, frantically anticipating bad news. We were relieved when the nurse told us she saw a heart beat but the words she said next would make for one of the greatest moments in my life. "Polly, your babies look great... both of them". Tears of joy started and didn't end for hours. I don't think we slept a wink that night.

You see, I had prayed for twins every time I had been pregnant and this time God had answered my prayers. Praise you Jesus!!!! Having twins has not always been easy but it has made for some of the greatest fun I've ever had. We will have a party this week-end but for now I'll share a few pics. I don't have their baby pics on this computer but I'll share some of what I do have.

Since day one, I've said "they go together like peas and carrots"..... and I don't expect that will ever change.

If your thinking Lilly looks like the alpha female..... your absolutely right. She is boss and typically gets whatever she wants out of her twin brother Levi. Her daddy says that's actually a good thing because she's just preparing him for marriage. Not sure what he's getting at with that statement ..... I'm assuming it has nothing to do with me ; )

Happy Birthday Levi and Lilly. We love you so much..... and I am so thankful I get to be your mommy!


  1. oh, so sweet...always wanted twins :) kj

  2. Too cute!I have a twin sister too! Its a totally different(but equally awesome) bond than what I have w/my other siblings!
    Blessings Rachel

  3. Happy Birthday to precious Levi and Lilly!! Ya'll have a great weekend celebrating! Can't wait to see pics! Loved getting to see you again last weekend!! Gotta make a road trip to Birmingham again soon! :)