Monday, February 21, 2011

Two Less!

I love how before we heard God calling us to adopt, we barely knew anyone who had adopted children. We "knew of" several families but it's amazing how God has now placed friends in our lives who are bringing babies home from all over this world. Soon there will be two less fatherless children in this world and two sweet friends for our baby girl when she comes home.

Our friends, Jason and Liz will be traveling to South Korea in just a few short weeks to bring home their sweet girl. Also, our new friends the Dreyfus family, will be traveling to Ethiopia for court and then hopefully a quick return trip to bring home their baby boy. These will be our first airport parties and I pray there are many, many more in the future. Please pray for both of these families, their babies and their birth mothers.

Here is my SIL and I with Liz and Anna at the conference a few weeks ago.

We thank God every day that He has called us to this journey and I'm also thankful that He has connected us with dear friends that share our same passion. Every time He brings someone else into our lives that desire to serve the least of these, I feel like we are linking arms with yet one more family. I'm sensing God is forming a huge army to bring justice to these 147 million precious children of His.... anybody else gettin that feeling?


  1. I will definitely be praying! I completely understand what you mean.. in the blog world, it seems like EVERYONE is ALL ABOUT adoption/orphans, but in my "real world".. not so much! I'm trying to not let that discourage me :O).

  2. Can't wait til our and your airport parties! We are so thankful that we met you guys. Meeting yall at Christ City was an answered prayer and a confirmation that we were at the right church for us. And how cool that through you we have been blessed with knowing Sonia and Anna too!

  3. So sweet! Loved meeting them at the retreat!

  4. Yes yes and yes!
    I am so thankful to have met you and Liz and am praying for your babies and your families during this process!

  5. Isn't it neat how God connects us with families who "get it?" And that some of these friends can be from a blog world that I was never even a part of until I entered the adoption world! May God bless ALL THREE of you and your friends families as you bring home your kiddos!