Saturday, June 25, 2011

Showers of PINK!!!

Today marks our second pink girly celebration in one week. Last Saturday we spent celebrating and preparing for the upcoming arrival of Bella, who will be coming home from India in just a couple months we hope. Bella is seven years old so she didn't need a baby shower but she certainly needed a big girl tea.... and that's just what we did. She is the most adorable little thing you've ever seen. Please follow her journey home HERE!

Here are a few pics from her special day....

Then today.... pink tea number two!

This special little lady is my niece. My b-inlaw and s-inlaw will be traveling to South Korea in a couple months to bring home Daria.

Is she adorable or what? Both of these sweet girls are coming home to houses full of boys.... so can you imagine how much pink they both got? :)
My SIL's shower was at my house..... she was so sweet to keep all my kids last night so they wouldn't be home to destroy my house. Not sure who's more worn out tonight.... me or her.

I am so thankful for both of these little ladies and especially thankful for the wonderful families they are both coming home to. How neat is it that God is providing friends and cousins for our sweet Esther that are coming home from all around the world. I dream about her birthday parties and how she won't look like her white family but neither will many of her little girlfriends. One of my favorite songs as a child was, "Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World"..... I think God was preparing my heart way back then for more than I even imagined.

I want to leave you tonight with a post from my friend Laine.... you have to visit her blog and see this adorable little brother and sister about to come home to our sweet friends. When I saw this tonight I just about had a fit over these two dreamy little China babies.... Click HERE and get ready to smile!

Tonight my heart is full as I think of all these sweet babies coming home. Praise the Lord that He sets the lonely in families.


  1. Polly I miss you!!!!!
    We just got back from a long business trip...we need to catch up friend!
    Still praying for your sweet Esther baby doll!
    Thank you for your sweet encouragement in your comment and on your blog...I love how God provided in your yard sale! And how I love hearing about these children coming home to forever families!
    Big hugs!

  2. What adorable showers!!! SO excited to see all these sweet children about to come home! YAY!!!

  3. I am so sorry I didn't make little Daria's shower, but I woke up Saturday to a migraine that I just couldn't seem to shake. I will get her gift to you guys soon. I am praying for you all and journey you are on with the adoption process. It is a bittersweet process, but one that will bless you beyond measures.\

  4. Wow!! What a blessing!!!

    It's Kelly from We Are Grafted In. I've still got you listed on the fundraising families' page. Are you still fundraising?

    We just today opened an etsy store for The Sparrow Fund (, the nonprofit that my husband and I launched this past spring. We have a handful of items we are going to add to the store this weekend, but we're looking for more donations of handcrafted items or fundraising items (such as shirts or other merchandise) to help us raise money. For items donated, we will provide a link back to your site so that you can advertise and draw new customers/donors. Think about it, and let me know if you would like to donate anything!