Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trend or movement.... thank God for whichever!

I have just finished reading Orphanology, and if you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it. For me, the timing was perfect for this book. My heart has been quite disturbed lately as I've heard a few people (Christians) refer to adoption and orphan care as being a fad or trend. Now the definition of a fad is a temporary notion or manner of conduct. The definition of a trend is the general course or prevailing tendency. I guess it is accurate to say that we are seeing a prevailing tendency toward orphan care, including adoption in the church. Praise the Lord! Trend or movement, call it whichever you like, but thank God we are watching it happen. Also, the definition of a movement is an abundance of events or incidents. I like that!!!

It's so odd to me that many of the people, including pastors, who are referring to this time as being an adoption/orphan care trend, are some who have prayed for the church to love others like Jesus loved others. Well, hello.... I think their prayers are being answered. Last time I read through the gospels I didn't see Jesus just loving the people he went to church with or the people around Him who were safe, cheap or convenient to love. And He surely didn't encourage His disciples to do that.

Here is just a few of God's commitments to orphans and widows:
He promised to: defend them, come to them, be their Father, be their helper, make them a home, execute true justice, maintain their cause, give them food and clothing, rescue them, lift them up, lead them out, deliver them, hear them, not to leave them and extend mercy to them.

That's orphan care!!!.... and it didn't begin recently and it's not a temporary notion..... It started long ago in the old testament days and I am hopeful it will continue in more and more abundance until Jesus comes back. I pray that it continues in more and more abundance.

Lately, I've had a couple people email me about their desire to start an orphan care ministry in their church but in both cases, the pastor and other ministers weren't supportive. I'm assuming, there are many orphan loving families in this same position. My advice is, DON'T give up!!!! Keep standing up and being a voice for the fatherless, because once a flame is started (and YOU are likely that flame) it can erupt into a full blown fire! Pray, pray, pray that it takes off like a wild fire amongst the church, and fatherless children receive the love of Christ through us.

The following video was made this year by the Christian Alliance for Orphans to promote Summit VII back in May. There is power in the message that Steven Curtis Chapman shares in the video and hopefully, you will find much encouragement in his words. Turn down my music before watching the video.

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