Sunday, March 28, 2010

Book Give Away!!!! Please Enter to WIN!!!

If you are a momma (or daddy), you want to read this book!

No doubt, the greatest calling on my life is being the mother to a quiver full of arrows. I love everything about being a mommy. However, I stress about much of the responsibility that goes along with it. I'm constantly praying and searching scripture to satisfy the doubt in my mind. I love to pick the brains of other moms, especially those that have kids older than mine. Of course I stalk many bloggers that also have a bunch of kids and ultimately, I LOVE good books on raising Godly children. So when I came across this book recently, I knew I had to share it.

My prayer is that Shawn and I would equip our kids to love God and love people. I want them to desire to know the LORD intimately and then to be the happiest when they are serving others. That's a pretty tall order and although, all things are possible with God, I'd be a fool to think He doesn't expect me and their daddy to be in charge of laying out the road map for that to happen. Well, here is some wisdom I found in One Million Arrows.

"We can no longer afford to stand by, watching them (our kids) succumb to the devastating lies of the devil and the world, but instead we must be ready to give them what their hearts are deeply longing for: an authentic relationship with their Creator, living out the purpose He created them for in the big picture. I believe our kids are not looking for the easy road; they're looking for the eternal road."

"We want them to follow Jesus, living their lives how He would want them to if He were with them, using their individual personalities, gifts, and talents. We want them to participate with Him in what He's doing now and what He wants to do through them."

If this sounds encouraging to you, please enter to win a FREE copy of the book. Here's how it works. You can leave a comment at the bottom of this post, giving me your name and e-mail address; or you can e-mail me at I will take entries until this Sunday and then draw a winner. After a winner is selected I will contact you to get your mailing address. I hope you will tell your friends to jump on my blog and enter as well. Who knows, we may be choosing more than one winner : )


  1. oh, i'd love to win that sounds great, kristi

  2. Need all the help I can get, as Melissa is really lashing out after Frank's death.
    By the way, love your blog.

  3. This sounds interesting!

  4. Hey Polly, what a beautiful quiver full of arrows! And thanks so much for mentioning the book--we really appreciate it!

    Soar with purpose! Isaiah 49:1-6

    Julie Ferwerda

  5. This is exciting.. Erin McCoy

  6. Sounds like a must-read! I'd love to get a copy for Claire (and whoever else God has waiting for us!). Thank you for sharing about the book. Joy

  7. That looks like an amazing book that my husband and I will definitely have to read! Thanks for sharing... I'd love to share it with everyone I know!

    by the way- your children are beautiful and I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  8. I just found your blog. I am your newest blog follower.

    I would love to read this book. Thank you for the great giveaway.

    Please stop by my blog for a fun giveaway, if you get a chance.

  9. Wow Polly! You never cease to amaze me! See you soon....put me into the drawing!

    Bless you and your precious family!

    Andy (Lucas) Smith

  10. Please put me in! Sounds great! Happy Easter!I look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday!

    Leslie Wright

  11. Sounds like a must-read! Happy Easter to you and your family!
    He is Risen!
    Amy Dramer

  12. We love give aways! We love TRUTH breathed into the lives of our children even more!!! Blessings to you and your family.
    Kim Jewett

  13. Hey Polly!

    Love this blog. Love to have a copy of this book, too. We need all the insight we can get.

    Jenny Erwin