Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heart's of Servants!!!!

Several weeks ago I put out a call for help for my new friend expecting a baby and in need of basically everything. I knew I could depend on my close friends and expected that we would gather enough stuff to get this mommy and baby off to a good start. What I didn't know was that the LORD had a much bigger plan in mind than we did. When I said, "I need your help", this is what I got!!!

I was in AWE!!! People were dropping stuff off at my house, handing me bags at church, gymnastics, and birthday parties. Even dropping things off at my parents house and mailing boxes from hundreds of miles away. That's CRAZY! Crazy LOVE!!!

So the work at our house began and everyone pitched in to help sort, wash, and organize but we quickly realized something... this is MORE stuff than one baby needs. So we wondered, "what do we do with ALL the extra stuff?". I bet you can guess where I'm going with this : )
As our dinning room begins to look more like a baby store than our school room, I get a phone call: another precious first-time mommy to be expecting a baby in April.....I ask, "what does she need?"..... EVERYTHING! A day or two goes by and a close friend who is helping deliver drop-offs to me, finds out of another girl in the same shape.... only she's not due until July. God had a bigger plan all along. We never had extra baby stuff, we just didn't know the other babies yet. I recently heard Beth Moore say, "It just don't get any cooler than OUR God!"......I think HE just showed Himself to be mighty COOL!

Here is my sweet Lilly sorting lotions, shampoos, and all sorts of goodies!

Maggie works on folding and sorting sizes
Well, my dinning room is now back to a school room but let me tell you, my kids just got a lesson in loving others that trumps reading, writing and math any day : )

Now let me introduce you to the precious baby boy that you all became a hero for:

Introducing the adorable Baby J!!!! and his sweet momma, Joy!

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from HIM! Psalm 127:3

(Y'all know how much I love me some newborn baby... I thought I was gonna run out the door with him.)

To the many of you who gave of your love and resources to this child, I say on behalf of his mom as well as myself, Thank you! He only needs one thing from you now, PRAYER! Please pray for his future.


  1. praying for this sweet little guy and his mom!

  2. Praise the Lord! He can do mighty things!