Thursday, March 4, 2010

So What, I'm a Stalker!!!

Here's another family that you have to see. My oldest daughter claims that I stalk these people that I find interesting, so what.... call it what you want.: ) I heard about this couple and was amazed by their story, then we got to meet and share stories with them a few months ago. So technically, now we are FRIENDS : ).... don't you dare e-mail her and ask if they remember US. Actually, I bet they do. I'm pretty certain I was the only fruitcake who was 3 cm dilated with her 7th baby at the adoption conference where we met, which by the way, was 3 hours from home. (We did have a back up labor plan... well, sorta)

So watch this video, then click on the link at the bottom of the post to see her answer to her "Most asked question". Pretty Interesting. Don't forget to stop my music at the bottom of the page before you click play on the video.

Promo for "3 by 3 by 3" Documentary from David Watson on Vimeo.

Get ready for a stiff question!

Most Asked Question


  1. too funny..she lives down the road from me...Now she's the one prego :) kristi

  2. Kristi,
    Don't even tell me Heidi lives near you too. I'm already so envious of all the adoption peeps in your area. I love all the airport parties. Y'all are so blessed to have one another. Hope to see that in Birmingham real soon!