Monday, May 3, 2010

Been Waiting For This Day!!!!!!!

Today was the day we've been waiting on for many months now. As most of you know, we could not submit our adoption application until our baby was 6 months old..... well, that day has come. It always makes me sad when my newborns start outgrowing the bassinet and their infant gowns. This time, however, we did have something to look forward to. With every passing day we were getting closer to beginning our journey of adoption.
This afternoon, the kids and I headed to the post office, prayed over this "very important" packet, and sent it on it's way!!!!
The kids stopped for a picture as we headed out the door. Clearly, Lilly is very proud to be the one holding our paperwork and family picture.

Please pray that we get our "first" yes very soon. I mean could you think of a reason not to let an orphan have these adorable kiddos for brothers and sisters? : )

We will keep you posted!


  1. My Precious Polly, my tears are flowing. God has hand picked this precious child for your family...I just know it. He has big plans because it's all about HIM! I can't wait to see this unfold and be part of what our mighty God is doing! I love you more every minute, Amelia :) ps-and the 7 big brothers ans sisters have got this foe sure!

  2. So exciting Polly!! Can't wait to see what God does!


  3. We are so excited along with you! What a beautiful family! I cannot wait to meet their new brother or sister soon! We love you guys so much! Jen

  4. This special boy or girl will be very lucky to have you all. God Bless all of you..We all love you! Love Kerry and Family

  5. Your "arrows" are beautiful. May your aim be steadfast and full of faith as you and Shawn prepare to cut this new precious branch from the Vine. This child will surely change his/her world some day! "Be very strong and courageous and DO THE WORK".
    Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey. Love you guys...praying for you.

  6. Shawn & Polly,

    We were certainly surprised with such a moment of BLAST OFF info. WOW!!@ We Love Yall & Family.
    We will pray and hope all your prayers come true. He/She will be very blessed baby to come into your wonderful and blessed family.
    Uncle Dan & Aunt Sharon