Monday, July 19, 2010

A few things that I like.... all for a good cause!

Lately, I've been searching for things to purchase as gifts or for myself that would benefit orphans, widows and the poor anywhere. I thought I would share some of my findings.

My friend Andrea, turned me on to this cookbook that looks really neat. I ordered one for myself and one for a friend... I will let you know what I think when I get them in a few days. You can check it out and hopefully order yours HERE. This ministry cares for the needs of orphans and widows, so your purchase will certainly be for a great cause.


While we were at the beach, my mom feel in love with these shoes. But, the story behind them is even better than the shoes.

Watch this video and then check out the on-line store.

That is amazing! So many entrepreneurs would never think of giving up so much of their profit to benefit children in need. Thank the LORD this man has a heart for the least of these. Mom tried on several pairs and thought they were very comfortable. He offers, men's, ladies, and youth..... so, if you need a pair of shoes (or just want a pair), these you don't have to feel guilty about purchasing because you are also supplying a precious barefoot child in a developing country with a brand new pair of shoes. I love that!!!! BTW, Mom the pair you were looking for are in the mail. After all of your help with the kids, the least thing I can do is buy you a pair of shoes. The best part of the deal...... a sweet child is also about to get a brand new pair of shoes.

Lately, several people have asked me where they could find really cute adoption/orphan care shirts. Well, I think

this one takes the cake right now. I got to meet these girls at an adoption conference last October and they have the most amazing hearts of any momma I think I've ever met. Their on-line store has lots of great shirts, caps and gifts. You can find them

HERE. Again, your purchase feeds an orphan.


These same girls are teamed up with a precious young missionary named Katie Davis who lives in and serves the people of Uganda. Katie is friends with the ladies from the Karamojong tribe of Uganda and they make beautiful necklaces and sell them to help support their families . I have seen these in person and trust me when I say, they are gorgeous. Great price and great cause. Check them out here.


Looking for a good book for yourself or a friend? If you have followed my blog for long, you know that I raved about this book for weeks. I read it, sent copies to a few of my dear, momma friends, and then did a book give-away on the blog. If you are a parent, it will challenge you in the way you train up your arrows. You can order it HERE and all of the proceeds go directly to support an international orphan ministry.

Well, that's all for now. I know there are many more great buys out there that supports a good cause and that's where you come in. To all of you orphan loving, widow serving, hungry feeding, servants of the least of these.... please share what you know. If you know of other ministries we can support by simply making purchases for things we would typically buy somewhere else, please share it in a comment and I'll post about it.

BTW, to all my bloggy friends.... what in the heck is wrong with the font in the middle of this post. I kept trying to make it the right size by going into my "edit Html" but never got it right. Any suggestions? Sorry, if you need a magnifying glass to read those few lines of the post. Those who know me, know that "tech" is not my strong point ; )

Can't wait to hear from all of you!

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