Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One thing our whole family likes... the BEACH!!!

Every summer we head to Destin with my parents to celebrate the 4th of July. We spend the week swimming, building sand castles, riding bikes, playing in the gulf, catching frogs, feeding ducks, and of course a little shopping and eating out. It's a trip we look forward to all year. This year we also celebrated Lexie's birthday while we were there.

Here's a picture of the entire family out for dinner one evening. My parents only had two kids, myself and my brother.... I'm quite certain they never imagined they would be grandparents to this dock-full of grandbabies but they have so much fun with everyone of them. Between helping me and playing with kids, I'm sure they need a vacation when we get back home. : )

Our neighborhood had a 4th of July bike and stroller parade this year. The kids had a blast decorating their bikes and the wagon.
Lexie turned 15 while we were there. We spent the day at the waterpark and then went to our favorite "Shakes" for a hotdog dinner and desert. I can't believe she is 15! WOW! She is as beautiful inside as outside. We are so very proud of the young lady she is becoming.

One thing will never change, she's always been a daddy's girl. I love how she reminds him how that will never change. As soon as we got home, he carried her to get her driver's permit. She passed! YEA!!! (I think)

This is her friend Kayla.... she is like our extra daughter. I think their picture is beside the word "FUN" in the dictionary.

Maggie and her friend Kynslie got to play together. Another precious girl that is daughter to some of our dear friends. They also vacation at the same time and place as us. They also could probably use a vacation after hanging with us all week. ; )
This is their oldest daughter, Lauryn with Dallas. Do they make a "cute couple" or what? I'm thinking arranged marriage sounds good to me.

Well, your probably thinking, "where are the beach pictures"? For some reason we don't have many... maybe because when we are all out on the beach the camera is the last thing on my mind. It is like a circus act going on out there most of the time. But here is baby Cash's first time in the sand. He loved it! He loves everything....this is the best baby in the world!
I mean, could you eat him up or what?
(Below is a picture of me and the girls and then a few individuals of some of the kids)

We had a wonderful week.... the only thing missing was our little Ethiopian princess. We talked about her alot and wondered if she would like the sand. We joked about how she would have her "tan" before we get to the beach... and, we even bought her an adorable outfit and headband at one of our favorite shops while we were there. I'll try and snap a picture of it and post it soon. We don't know when she will be home with us but we are praying that it will be soon. Amazing that we already love her so much!

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