Friday, September 3, 2010

Look what came in the mail today.....

The last item on the list for Dossier documents just arrived in our mail box..... our passports are HERE! Well, they are sorta the last thing. Our home study has not been written yet but that is out of my control. However, we had the most amazing social worker ever and he asked us to give him 2 weeks from now to get it written. That's pretty quick from what I hear, so of course we said, "that sounds great". We had an immediate connection with him and it was a friendship from the first few minutes of the first visit. I was a bit concerned that we would need to convince a social worker that we weren't out of our ever loving minds for wanting to adopt a baby when we already have 7 bio kids. No need convincing this guy..... he totally "got us". He has adoptive children so it just makes sense to him. Such a God thing! Although, I do need to thank my sister-in-law for hooking us up. Thank you Sonia!

So, we should be mailing off a Dossier to Ethiopia very soon! I will keep you all posted. In the meantime, thanks so much for all of your prayers. Today we are one step closer to our Esther, and for that I am so grateful. As I am praying for her, I often repeat the words of Jesus found in John 14:18: "I will not leave you as an orphan, I will come for you". We are coming for you sweetheart!

BTW, shirts are HERE!.... and they are awesome. As a matter of fact, that verse I just mentioned above is on the back of the shirt along with the names of many children who have not been left as an orphan because a momma and a daddy came for them. We will be posting pictures by tomorrow.


  1. Yay for the passports coming in!! And 2 weeks on writing the home study is great! We have been waiting for a month! :) But it's going to happen soon! It sounds like we'll be through with our dossiers about the same time! And I cannot wait to see the shirt!!!

  2. That is so exciting! We can't wait to start our adoption journey, too. I love your t-shirt idea. You have a beautiful family, who will be even more beautiful when your adoption journey is complete!:)

  3. Yay! Its exciting to see Dossier's coming together we have everything but our 171 H which we have been waiting for almost 2 months to receive.