Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Never Under-Estimate the HEART of a Child!

I'm not sure I've seen many things sweeter than this!
I've shared from the beginning of our adoption journey that very early in our "praying about it" stage, God confirmed to us that "He funds what He favors and He was in favor of this adoption, so we could stop worrying about how WE would pay for it". He still reminds us all the time that WE won't fund it, but HE will! Well, the LORD has brought people to our door with money, sent checks in the mail, used store clerks to hand us checks, had friends offer to do fund raisers for us and lately He has been sending lots of t-shirt orders. Thank you Jesus! (I am NO salesman, thank goodness, God handles that part too. I just want to give away every shirt.) He is using His people as vessels to bring a fatherless child home to our family.

Please let me introduce you to a "precious vessel" that just helped us get one step closer to Esther!

This is Madyson (on the left) with Maggie. Madyson recently turned 10 and like most kids, she had a birthday party. A pretty cool one I might add. They swam, designed funky hair styles and stayed up way too late having loads of fun. However, there were no gifts for Madyson at the party. She asked all of her friends to please bring a monetary donation for the "Bice's Adoption" instead of gifts for her. Is that amazing, or what? What a blessing! I know Madyson's heart well enough to know that we weren't the only ones that received a blessing from this...... I know she did too. I can't wait to put our precious baby girl in Madyson's arms and say, "here's the little lady you helped give life to". Madyson, please be in the front of the line at the airport my dear..... YOU will get some of the first kisses on her!

These are the sweet friends of Madyson's that partied, swam, acted silly......and helped us bring our baby girl home!

My heart is blessed today because of these 6 amazing "young ladies" who call serving others........FUN!

I pray that God blesses each one of these girls with a future of caring for orphans, and to HIM be all the GLORY!
I love you GIRLS!

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  1. Oh Polly, my eyes are filled with tears and my heart is filled with joy reading how this sweet child was used as a vessel to bring your baby home. GOD is so good!!!