Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"kNOw MORE Orphans" was amazing!!! and a new song

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to post about our Saturday night fellowship but it has been a very busy week. Furthermore, I am still trying to process the many ideas swarming in my head about where to go from here. Let me explain a little of what took place. A few months ago I had an idea to have a fellowship for families in our area who had adopted or were interested in adoption. I set a date and asked a few friends to help out. Soon that turned into me also inviting families who did not feel "called" to adopt but did want to be involved in orphan care. Since we began our process of adoption, I could not tell you how many people have said to us, "I didn't realize how many orphans existed and that we (the church) were responsible for their care". We can relate..... we felt the same way. I'm embarrassed to say, we were clueless. Then I thought, what if we invited a few families that do foster care, and our dear family friend who works at a local children's home. I posted about it, inviting local families and the RSVPs started coming. We knew that God was up to something much greater than what we were planning. As it turned out, we had around 40 adults and almost that many kids. After dinner, we sat around (stood, sat in the floor and in kitchen chairs) our den and shared hearts and dreams.

Here's a little of what that looked like. Several families had already adopted or are waiting on children to come home now or knew that they would adopt in the near future. We had families here with foster babies in arm sharing their hearts on how they had been willing to step outside their comfort zones and do something radical in order to give a needy child a family to love and care for them. There was a total of 7 church congregations represented and many desired to challenge their church body to get involved in orphan care. Then, we all heard the vision that a very sweet friend and mentor of mine has to organize a city wide orphan care ministry. How cool is that?! Are you seeing why the LORD planned this thing to be much more than what I had planned? I love that! He knew that we needed foster families, adoptive families, ministry resourceful families, and those that are ready to get involved and do "something". Because, that's what it will take to make something this huge work. It will take believers with different callings and gifts BUT with one passion. And that's what I saw sitting around my den; a houseful of people in different places in their lives, ALL with the same passion..... to bring justice to the orphaned.

So what next? Lots of prayer! I have already had many e-mails and phone calls this week as everyone is beginning to process the idea of an entire city forming an alliance for orphans. We know that God is sovereign and His plan will unfold. Many of you prayed for our fellowship and I ask you to please continue to pray for God to do a mighty work and awaken the hearts of the "church" to care for "the least of these". I am praying that we will soon, (have) "kNOw MORE Orphans".

Sorry that I don't have pictures to share. My oldest daughter was supposed to be the photographer but she quickly turned into a child care worker : )

On a final note.... please check out the story behind this new song and then you can download it on i-tunes. A friend sent this to me today but when I jumped on blogger, I saw it everywhere.... should be a hit!


  1. we loved being there.. my brain has been swarming since too! :)

  2. Wow!! Sounds like it was a great night, and God is doing some really neat things in your area!! So excited for ya'll!! Can't wait to see what His plan is!