Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Cash!

How did THIS....

Turn into THIS so fast?
Let me introduce you to the "happiest baby boy in the world"..... Sweet Baby Cash
Yesterday Sugar (a.k.a Cash) turned "one" and last week-end we had a pumpkin party to celebrate. Everyone wore their costumes and we had a ball. This little fellow takes the cake for being the happiest baby we have ever had. He has these great big dimples that just make you want to eat him up every time he smiles, which is most of the time. He is such a blessing to our family. You can probably tell this mama is crazy in love with this sweet little man.

At the party, we have a witch, a football player (roll tide), a cowgirl, a pumpkin, jessie, woody and buzz. My kids love deciding on costumes for halloween and this year was a pretty easy one thanks to Toy Story 3. : )
We had some very cute pumpkins by the end of the evening....
The week-end of celebration continued Sunday at the pumpkin patch. Levi and Lilly probably enjoyed this day the most. Inflatables, hayrides and ice cream... what more can a kid want?
.... and at the end of the day Maggie took this picture of myself, Lexie and Kayla (our "other" daughter/Lexie's bff) and I had to share it..... notice how beautiful and vibrant these two sweet (young) darlings look, AND how absolutely worn out mama looks. These girls worked very hard all week-end helping make sweet baby Cash's first birthday very special. Thank you girls.... I love you both more than you know : )
I thank Jesus everyday that I get to be mom to this amazing bunch of kids..... and what a special blessing Cash is to all of us. We love you sweet baby boy!


  1. Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Cash!! Looks like it was a fun weekend! And you look great, Mama! :)

  2. Hi! Great pictures, and I know what you mean about being crazy in love with little one-year-old boys!

    I see your roll tide player. You're not in AL, are you? (I am, LOL!)

    I've enjoyed visiting your blog lately!

  3. O goodness so true about my little Cash man!! I could eat him up!!