Thursday, May 5, 2011

Can your KID bring HOPE to another KID????

Absolutely!!! If you are interested in letting your child bring hope to children who have been hurt, homeless and maybe even orphaned by the tornadoes that devastated Alabama last week, please visit THIS SITE!

Kids4AL is a brand new ministry that is providing Boxes of Hope to children. And, it is a great way for our kids to get to be a part of restoring happiness to these heartbroken kids.

What is a BOX of HOPE? It's a shoebox full of toys, games and items that will bring a smile to a child's face. Please visit the website to see a complete list of items that you can include in your box. Your child can also include a personal note and scripture.

Our kids want to HELP! This is a great opportunity to let them be a part of healing for these heartbroken children.

It's not too late to ask your children's ministries and other organizations to participate. They have extended the deadline for all boxes. They also give a shipping address for your boxes. Anyone in the Birmingham area who would like to be a part, I would be happy to pick your boxes up and deliver them with ours.

Thanks for supporting Alabama's kids!

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  1. Oh Polly I had not heard of this and thank you so much for letting us know! Running to that site now!
    AND thank you for letting us know about the need in have no idea how God used that yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!