Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sharing the wisdom and journey of super-moms!

I don't post about our homeschooling journey very often because honestly, you probably wouldn't be too impressed. We don't use a fancy classroom that resembles one at our local public school. I don't write out lesson plans for the year or even per month. We don't spend hours a week taking test.... (kids do need to learn how to test well and we work on that, but I know when they understand something thoroughly and when they don't).We don't set time limits on how long we have to work on projects. If it's something they have no interest in, we move along quickly. For instance, this year I wanted to see if Dallas might be interested in reading a few mystery series.... he hated everyone. Give him a book about dogs, country living, or a biography and he's happy. He loves studying the lives of other people. So we ditched the mystery series and instead we checked out and read books about everyone from Charles Darwin to Bo Jackson.

Maggie discovered through their study of Underwater Creatures this year that she loves sharks. How crazy is that!!! So guess what, we have checked out every single book our local library has about sharks. If you have a question about sharks (don't know why anyone would, most normal people are terrified of them), Maggie has the answers.

Each morning we get through the basics including math, language, spelling and literature and then we just make it fun. This year we've studied US History, Sea Creatures, Christ and His Word in Bible, and a fun book from the I Wonder Why series called, The Sun Rises. Each year we study a few different countries. This year we again studied several including, you guessed it, Ethiopia. These units of study look different just about every day but I think that keeps it interesting and fun for all of us.

Now for the super-mom wisdom. A couple mornings ago I read a post from a writer that I admire. Please click on the following link to see this amazing mamas heart for homeschooling. I was so inspired by her approach and her love for sharing every moment of life with her kids. I always say, "getting to teach my kids is the most challenging call on my life.... however, it is the ministry I am most thankful that God has called me to".

Our little guys learned about planting seeds in the spring this year. Here is Nanny teaching them how to plant, water and watch them grow. For the record, these are alive and growing. There's a science and Bible lesson all in one!

Now, on to the super-mom journey to a yummy little guy from Ethiopia! I won't waste your time with words, we'll move right on to pictures. I had been wanting a girls day with my two oldest, Lexie and Maggie. We love Franklin, Tennesse and we love the Johnson family. Put it together, add in a cutie pie baby boy and an airport homecoming and here's what you get!

What a way to start the day with two of my most favorite girls in the world! Congratulations Johnson family of 8!

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