Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!!!!

Hello my blogger friends! I have missed you all so much. Let me explain real quick what I mean. A few weeks ago I just had a strong feeling that I needed to spend the remainder of 2010 taking in some "extra time" with my sweet Savior. I knew that in order to have extra time alone in the Word and in prayer, I would need to let go of something that occupies my time. Well, the kids have to eat, I must do laundry, and after the house work backs up for several days, I about go crazy. You guys know I don't watch T.V. so that was not an option. (I mean who needs the Hiltons and the Kardashians when I've got all you crazy blog world families... y'all are way cooler.) So I decided to call it quits on the computer for a while. I missed "blogging" and "stalking" but the reward of the time spent with our Father was oh so worth it. I have so much to share over the next few months and I pray that I can get it all together in my head and heart and make it make sense. Our lives have been like a bunch of puzzle pieces on a table this past year and we are so excited as we are seeing God begin putting those pieces together. More to come on that soon... I promise.

All I really want to do is catch up on all of your journeys that I stalk, but I will give you a quick update on a few things that have been going on around our house the past month. And, I 'll share a few pictures!

No picture for this YET but....... Cash is walking!!!!! He has to be the cutest thing we have ever seen. He is still known as "Sugar" and you can probably tell why : )

Christmas was very merry and left a big mess to clean up. I think everybody got something they liked, but as you can see, we ALL had just one thing on our list this year.Christmas was over and we were on to the next big event..... my brother's wedding! Our family could not be happier to have a new aunt/sis in-law. It was a beautiful and sweet wedding ceremony at a small historic church and then a reception at our house. Sorry, I don't have bride and groom pics yet but trust me, they both looked amazing.
Do you have any idea how long it took to make everybody look this nice????? Three of Lexie's BFFs spent the night and helped by doing the girls hair and helping with the little boys. There are perks to having a teenager..... especially when they have amazing friends. Thank you Lydia, Ashley and Kayla!
The little boys looked so handsome.... this momma could seriously eat them both.
This is us with my parents. They are such a blessing to our family.
My dad made the cross you see in the back ground. How beautiful is that?!
Next on the agenda, my sis in-law, Sonia turned 40! So of course we threw a little party!

We love to celebrate anything, so we're always having a party for some reason! Happy Birthday Sonia!
I'm almost done..... the biggest surprise of the past few weeks was THIS!!!!I'm so excited to announce that my precious sister (we just have different parents :) Kelsie is getting married..... that wasn't the surprise.... she asked me to be matron of honor along with her "real" sister... THAT was the surprise! I was so shocked!!! I had selfishly hoped she would ask me to be a brides maid but didn't get my hopes up b/c she has tons of BFFs that she's had since childhood... and they are young and cute. I'm sure she wish I would have had on make up and not been wearing P.J.s when we took this pic... but can you tell that I am tickled pink? BTW, Cross is going to be the ring bearer..... that should be interesting ; )
This is truly an honor and I will be posting more about Kelsie and Taylor very soon! In the meantime, check out Kelsie's blog and you'll see why I am so crazy about this sweet girl.

Last but not least!!!! Some Esther news.... we are "un-officially" #36 on the waitlist to get to our little girl. Our agency is saying it should be about six months before we get a referral on her. Families that just traveled to our agency's transition home to see their children, reported that there are tons of tiny little babies in the home right now. We can't help but wonder if one of those sweet babies is ours. We'll see very soon! We thank you for joining us in praying for her health and contentment until we can get to her.

Sorry for the long post. I've missed you friends and I'm hopeful that we will all journey together through an amazing 2011. God bless you all!

'til there's no more!!!


  1. Great update Polly! Looks like lots of fun things going on around your house!
    I totally get what you mean about taking a blogging break!
    And hooray for #36! WOO HOO! Esther, you are getting a precious family!

  2. Welcome back! I've missed you! :) Excited to see what God does in your life in the coming year. Can totally understand the blogging break.

  3. Yay!! So glad you are back! Can't wait to hear what all God has been teaching you! And love that ya'll are #36!! Wow!!!