Monday, January 17, 2011

Why Ethiopia?

We get asked this question a lot lately. Why Ethiopia? Well, the short answer is real simple.... because that's where God asked us to go? Or sometimes when this question is tainted with racism, I want to say, because that's where OUR child is. But our adoption was God's idea from the beginning so we figured we should let HIM tell us where to go.

If you've followed along for a while now, you remember that this journey began as a result of our family asking God to break our hearts for the things of this world that breaks His heart. I think God's heart is broken for orphaned children in every state, country and continent. I'm so thankful that He sends us all over this world to bring justice to HIS children living without a family. I'm thankful that our friends, Mark and Heather are being obedient in following God's call for them to adopt HIS child from right here in the United States. I'm thankful that our friends, Jeff and Brittnie are following God across the world to India to bring justice to HIS child there. We are thrilled that our brother and sister in law, Sonia and Brandon are going to South Korea to bring home HIS little girl living without a forever family. Another blessing of HIS is waiting in Korea for our sweet friends, Jason and Liz to come and bring her home. And, we are also thankful that our friends, David and Jennifer were obedient when God asked them to bring HIS son home from Guatemala.

You see.... God's heart breaks for all of these children. Why? Because they are HIS! Please turn off my music and watch this video. It makes it easy to understand WHY His heart is broken for Ethiopia. I'm so honored that He would find me worthy of the privilege of being a mother to ONE of the least of these. Or who knows, hopefully, two or three or four... (mom, if you are reading you can get up off the floor now : )


  1. We always answer that question the same way ya'll do! Love that God called us both to bring our girls home from Ethiopia!!! :)

  2. My favorite answer has always been because thats where my children were/are! :) ......and the because there are approximately 6 million orphans there, MILLION.

    Good post.