Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who's that beautiful lady with MY husband?

... It's our daughter... that's who! How did she get so beautiful and better yet, SO old? This was last Friday evening as they were headed out the door on their date. I must say, that's one pretty good-looking date she had. This is one guy that I KNOW will respect her, and treat her like a lady should be treated. That's one reason for daddy and Lexie date nights.... to train her up to accept nothing but utmost respect from a guy. Let me tell you, this daddy is making it pretty tough for just any old guy to be able to get and keep this young lady. She said it best herself recently when she and I sat in the car late one evening with tears rolling down both our faces as we talked about "boys". She said, "Mom, Dad has the standard set so high, I don't know how I'll ever find a guy that measures up to him, but I won't settle for less". She went on to tell me that she watches how her daddy treats me like a princess, and how she knows that the way he loves me must be what God means, when He says husbands should love their wives like Christ loved the church. She talked about how her daddy loves her unconditionally and he treats her the way she wants to be treated by her husband some day. This made my heart so happy to know that she's watching... she notices... and more than anything she loves her daddy. However, what makes my heart happier is the fact that she loves her Heavenly Father more than her earthly father..... and let me tell ya... that's a lot. She's been daddy's girl since day one and I have a feeling that's never gonna change.

I pray for Lexie's future husband everyday and one things for sure.... he needs lots of prayers to compete with this sweet daddy! :)

As for how we roll.... well, this is how we spend time with our children individually. We make time for IT!!! There's a very sad myth about large families... that the children don't get time with parents one on one. It doesn't happen every day, but we are intentional about making time for each of our children, individually. Sometimes it's things like, one child gets to go to the grocery store with mom, or one of the boys go to work with dad. The girls and I have occasional nights when we go to dinner and shopping alone. Often, I ask one child to help with dinner or help fold a load of towels. This is time that we can have uninterrupted conversation. If I have an errand to run, I always let someone go with me. It cracks me up to think that I used to pay good money for mothers day out.... when I only had a couple of kids!!!! Now my goal is not, how can I get "by myself time" but how can I get "one on one time" with one of these precious babies the LORD is allowing me to mother.

So, all this to say, as a parent, we can spend as much time with our kids as we WANT to spend.... we just have to make it a priority. Sometimes it's a trip to Publix for 4 gallons of milk.....but sometimes they hit the jackpot and get a DATE with Daddy!


  1. So sweet!! And she is so beautiful!!! Love the Daddy/daughter dates!!! Praise God for wonderful husbands who set the standard very high! :)

  2. oh I love this, Polly! We are going through Growing Kids God's Way right now and just did the chapter on putting your marriage first and then last night did the chapter on the father's role. This all was such a great example of everything we were learning. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  3. goodness gracious you got my all emotional. Mr. Shawn definitely takes care of his girls and loves yall will all of his heart. Such a precious precious gift.

  4. Love this post! That is pretty much how we roll at our house too:) I also have twins (boy and you) that will be 3 in June. Do your twins share a room? Do they still play well together since they are getting older?

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this, it blessed my heart! I hopped over your way looking through the adoption tees at Shopping for a Cause- I love yours! :) Glad to be following your journey as we journey towards adoption ourselves!!