Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our trash is Cash's...... lunch!

You know you have a bunch of kids when...... you catch one of them eating out of the garbage can; and instead of racing to snatch him up and disinfect his mouth, you run get your camera to capture a picture.No worries, it was just somebody's pb&j scraps : ) Actually, this is not "sugar's"first feast from the trash. We've caught him here before. He only weighs two pounds less than his big bro that's 18 months older....... Can you tell? Cash man likes to eat and he's not picky!

We're getting ready for snow in Alabama. Hopefully, we'll be building snowmen tomorrow. Truth be told.... I prefer sunshine and 80 degrees year around but these kids are so excited.... I'm pretending to be fired up about a snowstorm. ; ) A mommas gotta do what a momma's gotta do! Check for pics in day or so.

'til there's no more!


  1. Thats so baby sister used to do that! Its freezing here in GA!
    Blessings and Stay Warm

  2. So funny!! We are gearing up here for a little snow and ice kids are thrilled! But I am with you...I'm a warm weather gal too! :)