Thursday, March 24, 2011

Babies coming home!!!

So tonight we are a bit disappointed. We had plans to be at the airport late tonight to welcome home our friends, the Barnettes from Korea with their baby girl. We've talked about it all week and looked forward to the late night airport party... and then we got the e-mail. Their plane was delayed, which meant a new connecting flight to Atlanta that would arrive just after the last flight to Birmingham took off. Which means.... no airport party tonight. : ( I know we aren't half as disappointed as they are after spending the last 24 hours or so trying to get home with a 1 year old. I am hopeful that we will still see them at the airport in the morning. If so, I'll be posting pictures. Please join us in praying them home!

However, I was very excited to find out tonight that THIS little sweetie from China made it home to Mississippi last night. I love seeing this big brother so excited to see his new sister, Ansley Grace.

You probably didn't notice, but Kim, Ansley Grace's mom is wearing our adoption fundraiser t-shirt. When I first noticed, it totally warmed my heart AND THEN I SAW THIS!

How awesome! Love that sweet face resting on her mommies shoulder as I read these words, "I will NOT leave you as orphans, I WILL come to you" John 14:18. That's a picture of the gospel.... HE does not leave HIS children as orphans, HE comes for them.... He comes to pick us up and hold us in His arms allowing us to rest our weary heads on His shoulder. Amazing GRACE!
Thank you Alison for snapping this picture... I love it!


  1. May the Barnettes make it home tomorrow! Don't you just LOVE Welcome Home Gatherings at the Airport! SWEET SWEET pic and GREAT symbolism of God's love for His children and His desire for us to rest our weary heads on His shoulder. Amazing Grace, it IS!!!!!! So LOVE your heart, Polly!

  2. Isn't that so precious!!! When I saw her little head resting on Kim's shoulder with that verse on your shirt I knew I had to get a picture! So beautiful!!!

  3. Oh my goodness that sweet picture! What a blessing for you to have that!

    I'm so thankful the Barnettes made it home safe and sound!

    I didn't get a chance to hug your sweet neck at church today so here it is....*hugs*! :)