Monday, March 28, 2011

Jesus Calling

I love the devotion book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. It came highly recommended to me by several friends and I must say... I look forward to reading it each day during my devotion time.

Recently, I was looking for something fresh to add to our family devotion time and look what I found.....

I'm not sure how well you can read the small print under the title but this is the children's devotional version of Jesus Calling. When I saw the bird on the cover, I knew I had to have it. The significance of the bird will be explained in a future post when the time is right. Birds have been showing up everywhere in our lives lately, but there is a reason and I can't wait to share it soon. No, we are not getting a pet bird. However, I did have one as a child and my cat ate it. I'm still a terrible pet owner... I do great with kids but not so much with animals. But the sparrow is significant to us right now and we love that it's on the cover of our devotion book. This book is opening the door for great conversations each night during our devotion time. I also love that it's appropriate for most of our kids. From the twins who are 6 to our oldest at 15, they are all learning from it. Each devotion is based on Scripture and written as though Jesus were speaking directly to you. This approach makes it very personal for each of our kids.

I'm not receiving any royalties from the sell of Jesus Calling for Kids but I will say, this book would make a great Easter basket gift. Here's where you can find it:

Have a great week and check back later.... I feel a post brewing but my heart is cautious.


  1. Polly. I saw you at Created for Care and I remember seeing you and the gaggle of gals around you :) It made me smile because I read your blog and I know you are fabulous :) I am happy so many others know, too :)
    Today I posted something so very similar to you I HAD to share it..hugs to you, Sister.

  2. I read Jesus Calling (for adults) too! I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for the recommendation of the kid's version! HHHMMMMMM.......looking forward to your next post......GO.FOR.IT!!!!! :)

  3. I'm thinking it's from the sparrow in Created to Care? :) Love Jesus Calling as well. Some of my hubby's coworkers got it for me right before he had to be away for a week for his radiation treatment, and it was like Jesus was right there with me, speaking to me. I was hoping to snag the children's version when it was free for blogger book reviews, but looks like I will have to buy it. ;) Can't wait to read your brewing post! :0

  4. I have seen this book and wondered if it was good! I'm going through the 'big kid' one :) for the 2nd year now! LOVE it!