Thursday, March 10, 2011

What a blessed day it has been!!!!

I don't have a single picture to prove what a blessed day it's been but one thing I do have tonight is a joyful heart. Most of you know that I have been dreaming about a new vehicle and well, today was the day. As I was sitting in the den floor folding 2 loads of laundry my most amazing man walked in the front door. I did not expect him to come home so I knew something was up. He had a surprise waiting for me in the drive way and guess what it was?Well, not exactly.... but my 15 and almost 13 year old would have been very happy!
However, you would have thought it was a brand new sports car as excited as I was. It was my dream car but it looked a little more like THIS!

Is there something wrong with you when you call up your momma and all your BFFs to tell them that you are tickled pink because you just got a 12 passenger van? Probably so.... but that's what I did! And here's the best part, they were all just as excited for me as if it were the little sports car. I think they were all a bit jealous but its all good ; ) Seriously, I have been begging for this for months. We are crammed in our SUV and we always have extra kids which makes it even worse. Not any more.... we've got room. Thank you Jesus for big old vans to carry lots of babies!

On to the next blessing.... a jewelry party fundraiser hosted by my sweet mom. A couple of months ago a friend of our family, Lisa, sent me a message saying she would love to help with our adoption. She was a big part of my childhood and now she wanted to help us bring our little girl home from Ethiopia. Lisa sells jewelry and offered to do a party and donate the profit to us. How amazing is that?! My mom hosted the party and it was perfect. My mother-in-law and my two sis-in-laws joined us along with friends and family as we made it another step closer to our baby girl tonight. God promised He would provide but I still get overwhelmed by the graciousness of others who are helping us every step of the way. Thank you so much to Lisa and all the sisters who came out tonight to support us. I loved it this afternoon when two of my girls opted to skip gymnastics in order to go with me to see how much closer we got to Esther. This journey is the greatest!

Last of all, I came home and checked e-mail a few minutes ago to find more good news. Four families from our agency received letters from MOWA and passed court today in Ethiopia..... that means four more babies are about to come home. Praise God!

It's been a good day.... we've stretched our tents and made room for another sweet baby at our house and as of today... we officially have a vacant seat in our new van with her name written on it. And, with the help of our sweet friends and family, God is taking us a step closer to her every day.


  1. Girl, I am LOVIN' your new van!!! :) And love hearing the good news from Ethiopia! A family from our agency passed court today too! YAY!!! :)

  2. I'm really surprised that YOU just now got one with that BIG beautiful family of yours!!! SO FUN! And one day---I want one too!!!! LOVE IT!