Friday, March 18, 2011

God rocked some adoption news this week!

My heart is full of joy tonight as I reflect on the mountains God is moving to bring babies home to their families. Just a few things I'm praising HIM for:

*Our friends, the Wilbanks received an official referral on a precious little girl from India this week.

*My brother-in-law and sister-in-law "officially" received a referral on their baby girl from South Korea.

*Our friends, The Dreyfus family, left today for Ethiopia. They will be going to court for their sweet boy next Wednesday (Tuesday night for us).

*Our friends, The Barnettes, just arrived in South Korea a few hours ago and will be returning home next week with a beautiful baby girl.

*Ethiopia announced great news this week about staffing changes within MOWA that will allow adoption of Ethiopian children to take place in a reasonable time frame.

*Last of all, our sweet friends, the Huguley's have a wonderful announcement.... I'll let you go to their blog to read all about it : )

We've had a busy but fun spring break and what a way to end it.... watching as God sets the lonely in families.

Praising God!


  1. LOVE seeing His love poured out for His orphans, bringing forever families TOGETHER. FOREVER! :)

  2. Those are a lot of praises and I am so excited for all these families and these precious children! Praise the Lord!

  3. Can you tell me where I can read about the staff changes in Ethiopia? We began looking into Ethiopia pretty much the day they made the 90% announcement. Agencies have told us to wait and see what happens. I haven't heard any good news from them. You may email me at aprilhwth at gmail dot com. Thanks