Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun times at the beach!!

Every year our family, along with my parents go to the beach for the fourth of July week. It's been tradition for several years now and we always look forward to our time together. When we leave to come home, we are already planning our next year's trip. It's just that kind of fun :)

Growing up, I loved and adored both my grandmothers. So it means so much to me that my children are blessed to have all their grandparents very close to them all the time.

Nanny and PawPaw make our summer beach trip so much fun. I don't know who enjoys who the most.

This year was EXTRA special because for the first time in many years..... my entire family was at the beach together. I only have one brother and he has always been very special to me. He recently married the sweetest sister in law I could ever dream of. Not only did my kids get an aunt.... they got a precious new cousin as well.

Here's some fun numbers for you. We had 6 adults, 12 kids and 1 prissy dog in 1 house for 8 days! All of that equals ONE fantastic week at the beach. That's what we call FUN!!!

I wanted to share a few pics from our 2011 summer vacation!

Here's the whole family about to take part in the Fourth of July neighborhood parade! (Did someone tell PawPaw it was St. Patrick's Day?)

My SIL Karen is very creative and she made these festive shirts for her and my niece. I've ordered one for me and all my girls next year ;) She didn't know what she was signing up for when she married into our family.
Nanny and PawPaw enjoy lots of bike riding in our neighborhood.

Kayla is like part of the family.... our trip would not be complete with out her.
We carried the little boys to feed the ducks in the lake but instead Cross just fed Cash :)
Lexie turned 16 while we were there so we went to our favorite ice cream joint to celebrate. We met our sweet friends Rob and Christen (Kayla's parents) for shakes.

This is where we spent most every day. The beach is our favorite!

Here's Nanny and 4 of her favorite girls.... not sure where Lexie was when I took this pic.
Y'all know I talk a lot about how precious Maggie is. She has such a servant's heart and sweet little spirit. Well, she is also very adventurous. The little dare devil finally talked me and daddy into letting her do this!!!!!!
Kayla and my niece, Shelby joined her on the sky coaster! It took my stomach just to watch them be lifted up 75 feet and then drop while swinging from a few cables. I would like to think she gets a lot of her qualities from me... but this is not one of them!

It was a great week..... I thanked the Lord over and over for this time with my whole family. We are already talking about next year and most of all, how we sure hope we have one more little one with us.... ESTHER! Please Lord bring her home before next summer!


  1. LOVE these cute beach pics!!! Ya'll are just the most adorable family! And I am so glad we got to see ya'll at the beach! What a fun surprise!!! :)

  2. Looks like so much fun! It is wonderful to step out of the normal routine and spend time with family. We're heading to the beach this weekend, and like you, are hoping to be bringing along another little love next year!