Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Waiting!!!

This is the statement I make in response to our most commonly asked question these days. Almost every day I see or talk to someone that says, "what is going on with your adoption?"..... just waiting.

Actually, I've spent most of my adult life "waiting" on a baby. I did the math, and I have spent approximately 53 months waiting on babies to be born. That's 5 full term and a set of twins that came one month early. So, you would think I would be good at "waiting" by now. Well, not so much!

We have officially been on the wait list for our little one in Ethiopia for 7 months. We started the paper chasing process 13 months ago and we said "yes" to adoption 22 months ago when I was 8 months pregnant with our youngest. So, when someone asks me how long we've been waiting.... on paper, the answer is 7 months.... in my heart, over 22 months. The Lord spoke clearly to me exactly 24 months ago and told me that we had a child waiting for us in Ethiopia. Two months later, He confirmed that to my hubby.... and well, the rest is history. We took off running full speed ahead to get to her.

For the most part, we've had a strong peace about our wait. Don't get me wrong, nothing would make us happier than to go pick up our child tomorrow. But since that's not God's timing, we are just trying to learn from this time of waiting. I recently told my sweet friend Laine, who has walked this journey of adoption several times and walking it patiently right now, that I know God wants to teach me so many things while I'm waiting. I don't want to miss a single lesson because I'm too impatient and sidetracked to learn. Lately, I have asked Him many times to reveal Himself to me during this time. He constantly reminds me to be satisfied in HIM.

The past few days, I have seen and heard Christy Nockels song, Waiting Here For You, several times. It makes me cry every. single. time! I think there is a lesson in this song for all of us. If you are waiting for your child to come home, I hope you will watch this video and allow God to remind you that "HE" is all we are really waiting on. Adoption is not about me, and it's not even really about my child, it's all about HIM!

This is not the live version which I adore as well, but I just found the visuals and the words in this video to be very inspiring and touching. Stop my music at the bottom and enjoy this beautiful song.

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  1. SUCH a needed word today. We got our call from Holt and it was a no-go for us. Thank you for this because I needed the reminder. Love you!