Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sweet Gifts for Esther!!!!

Do you remember the post I did HERE as an update to our fundraising? In that post I mentioned that my friends, Jana and Candi hosted a 31 Party to raise money for our adoption. Well, I was so excited when I saw what else they did for Esther. Instead of ordering gifts for themselves as their "hostess gifts", they gave them to Esther. She has a pretty nice little wardrobe so far, a few headbands, a pair of shoes and now she has THESE......
These are her first monogramed items. A hooded towel and back pack with her name on them, and a tote with the letter "E". This little back pack will be making a trip to Ethiopia soon.

Candy and Jana... thank you both so much!

When I pulled these out of the bag, the tears started rolling. I just want to cling to anything that makes me feel closer to our little girl. I can picture her little dark skin wrapped up in this towel. We still have quiet a wait ahead of us, but we find peace in knowing that everyday, we are one day closer to Esther.

Stay tuned for beach pictures coming soon!


  1. from one Esther to another, Love it. Seriously, Polly. There was PRECIOUS little with my name monogrammed on it when I was little and what there WAS I found really sacred. Well done, Mama! Love it :) And so will she!
    Esty ("Esther') ;)

  2. Love these sweet little gifts for Esther!!! And I can't wait to see beach pics! :)