Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bring on the guys.....

Well, since we've been featuring such cute, girly stuff, I decided we should prove to the men that we haven't left them out of the yard sale. Tonight I'll start with a few masculine items we have collected.For the man that likes biking.... we have a brand new 8 speed bike.

If he likes to camp, we have a 5 man tent.

If he's a bit of a redneck and likes to hunt like my man, then he might like this contraption. Not sure what this is but being that it's camo and made by Mossy Oak, I'm guessing you hide from deer in this thing. Lovely!

Ok... we have more guy stuff but enough of that....

How cute is this little rocker/baby bed combo?! It's hand painted and just adorable.

More girly.... we have a few outfits made just like this one. This one is brown with white polka dots and the pants are a brown background.

Lots of quality baby toys, including these two. Like new and very well priced.

Looking for a stroller? We have about every kind you can think of... single, double, umbrella or jogging.

We have lots of nice housewares... this Holiday entertaining set is brand new... never been out of the box.

We have many things to ride.... like this pretty cool trike/bike thing.

Or this super prissy scooter! This is a very glamorous way for a little lady to travel. This electric scooter is made by Razor and called the "bella".... it comes with a helmet. Is anyone else thinking, Legally Blonde? :)

Ok so tonight I'm leaving you with the item I'm praying the hardest to sell. Our older kids will be raising their own money for their plane tickets to Ethiopia. They are so excited about traveling with us and are coming up with very creative ways to raise their money. Today Dallas asked how much his plane ticket would cost. When I told him how much, he said, "this should almost do it".

Come on Lord, bring him a buyer! This boy needs to go to Ethiopia to love on his baby sister. Please pray this bike finds a new owner this week-end!

Only one more day to prepare..... folks this is hard work. Who knew a yard sale would be so time consuming? We are worn out around this house physically and drained emotionally from the sad, devastation of our state. Tonight we went out to buy waters and Costco was completely OUT. And, people were buying $1000. generators like hot cakes..... We covet your prayers for the people of our state.

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