Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've got Beth Moore's coat!!!

Well, not exactly a coat that Beth has worn but just hang on and you'll understand. Today's yard sale featured items are mostly "girly" but that would be because my very girly, girlfriend donated most of them. Y'all know I'm a bit girly myself so I'm having to hold myself back from hiding these things in my closet.

BTW, our yard sale is this Saturday, May 30th at 2116 Woods Trace in Hoover. The sale starts at 7:00a.m.

Introducing today's featured items:

We have two almost brand new plasmacars. Great shape and provides a lot of fun!

If you have girls then you know about some Groovy Girls! This set is amazing! Price tags are still on some pieces. EVERY doll and piece of furniture appears brand new.

We have several pairs of little girl PJs.... these are two of my favorites (these are both size 8-10).

OK, do you LOVE this or what? Very cute and girly!

This little top is very cute for summer... barely ever worn.

If these don't sell, they will be on my feet. All of these are name brand and in excellent condition. Actually, this is just a few..... my girly girlfriend donated so many shoes that I know she will need to come to the sale barefoot ; )

This cute top is from Ann Taylor Loft....

We also have tons of purses. These two are very large and fun. Don't look like they've ever been used.

Both of these purses have matching wallets. The one on the left is Brighton.

Love this bag. It's a large Dolce & Gabbana. If you want this you better claim it quick.... before my mama gets to the sale.

Hey Beth... could you swing by our yard sale Saturday? I got you a coat!

I know she probably won't have time to stop by but seriously.... does this coat scream "Beth Moore" or what?! Oh well, if you like Beth.... come buy this coat please!

Well, that's all I've got for tonight. More items to come tomorrow.

On a very serious note, today has been a devastating weather day in our neck of the woods. Many have lost their homes and way too many have lost loved ones.... please be in prayer for these families.


  1. DANG IT I like this stuff!!!

  2. I know girl... me too! And I'm the ONLY one that doesn't need to buy it :)

  3. Just wanted to let you know you have it listed as "May 30th" in the above post. Hope you raise a lot of money. We are officially on the waitlist now for our agency!

  4. Thank you Karen.... I am crazy at this point. It's this Saturday... April 30th.

  5. Girl, you have some cute stuff! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!