Thursday, April 14, 2011

This just made our night!!!

We carried our older kids and twins to see Soul Surfer tonight. If you get a chance, go see it. You will be inspired by the courage of this young girl. Our oldest daughter has always loved Jeremiah 29:11 and even has it painted on a canvas in her room. I loved that this story was centered around this verse. A family favorite around here.... the verse and the movie!
(pause my music at the bottom, then watch the trailer for the film)

BTW, I have not forgotten to post about the Ordinary Hero dinner..... it's been a busy week. Post coming this week-end, promise!


  1. CRAZY! I just downloaded a video of this movie in a "draft" post for the near future! Glad to hear it was as good as they are saying!!!!!!! Yes, I love Jer 29:11 too!!!!!! Hoping to see the flick this weekend!

  2. Hey Polly,
    I definitely want to see this movie too! I have been following your blog for a while but have been out of the blog world for a few months because we adopted our daughter as a newborn in December! Needless to say life has been pretty busy. I actually found out about you through your husband. He saved us by fixing our septic tank! Seriously, we thought we were going to just have to move. Anyway, thanks for all your wonderful posts. Question...Who took the beautiful photographs of your family? We want to have some taken of our precious baby girl. If your interested, I have a blog too. Thanks again!
    Amanda Hutton