Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today's Featured Items!!!!!

Well, another day spent doing the same thing... pricing, sorting, organizing and cleaning.... and the stuff keeps coming. Academically we are failing this week but I am having the sweetest time with my kids. They are having so much fun putting this sale together to help us get closer to the goal of bringing home their little sister. All of a sudden, they don't mind cleaning other people's stuff, and sorting through boxes of housewares. They even get in on the pricing, telling me how much they think something is worth.

I also owe a huge thank you to my sweet mama and S-I-L Sonia for coming over today and helping me. Now my girlfriend Carol just called and offered to come help tomorrow.... Thank you Jesus, I'm not turning anybody away. Bring it!!!

Anyhow, here is today's featured items..... this is good stuff y'all!

Little girl's beautiful, light pink, designer coat. Perfect condition!

Couple of cowboys and a poodle... these are adorable dress up costumes with all matching accessories.

Yes... we do have something for your man. These are 3 of MANY Hilfiger shirts. All in great condition. We also have a lot of button down shirts, all designer brands.

For the linen lover... we have dresses and pants. For the cotton sundress lover, come on... we've got the sundresses!

Looking for something a little dressy casual.... we've got some sparkle and fun! All three of these coats look great but I especially love the white one in the middle. If someone doesn't claim it quick, I might be making a purchase ; )

Like Vera Bradley? We got that too.... this piece is brand new.

Need a Guitar Hero set? This one is in mint condition. I know this is calling somebody's name.

Ok.... how cute is that?!! No way it's going to last. I sure hope some little girls about to get a brand new dresser decked out in zebra print knobs.

Last item for the night.... This is a deal right here. If you've ever bought much Thomas the Tank stuff, you know how expensive it is. This table is in great shape with two drawers underneath. It comes with a drawer full of tracks, buildings, extra pieces and trains. This could keep a little guy happy for hours.

To the people who have donated these featured items.... THANK YOU! This is orphan care!


  1. Polly, when is the sale? I love that train table!!

  2. The sale is this Saturday at 2116 Woods Trace, Hoover (Russet Woods neighborhood). It starts at 7:00. The table is a great deal!

  3. May God hugely bless your sale this weekend, Polly!

  4. cute dresser:) to bad I don't live closer!! Hope you rock the sale this weekend and God totally blesses your efforts.