Monday, November 22, 2010

Are these kids beautiful or what?

Last week-end we got to spend some time with a family that has been a huge inspiration to us. They love big families, they love adoption and they love the LORD..... and WE love them. Here's the Bice and Weimer kids.Wow! Can you believe these 16 kids belong to two couples?

Wonder who those crazy parents are?

Yeah... that'd be us and our sweet friends, Heidi and Kirk. You would think our house would have resembled a zoo with all of our kids running around but I must say, the Weimer kids are some of the sweetest, most polite kids we've ever met. This couple is doing an amazing job of raising a large family. It was such a blessing to spend time with them.

They were in town to share their adoption story at our church. Their words were very encouraging to many of us on the journey of adoption. And, I think they encouraged a few more couples to take that leap of faith and care for fatherless children. God is doing amazing things in the hearts of HIS children.... and I pray that it means more orphaned children end up in homes with mommies and daddies to call their own.

Visit the Weimer's blog HERE.... make sure you watch their promo video.

As soon as the message from last Sunday when Kirk and Heidi spoke is added to our church's website, I'll share the link. Many of you have asked about the message shared on Orphan Sunday; It was amazing and you can listen to it HERE.

Thanks to so many of you who have ordered shirts from Ordinary Hero and supported our adoption. They have a couple of new items for sale and I wanted to share them with you.

You can order any of these

...or any of the other great shirts on their blog and it will help us bring our baby home. Please put "Shawn and Polly" in the section that says, "add note to seller" so we can get credit for your purchase. I'm about to order several for Christmas gifts.

One last thing..... would you like to get your name in the drawing for one of our adoption shirts? Even if you have already purchased one, you can choose any size you'd like and give it as a gift. All you need to do is go to the top of this blog and grab our "blog button" found on the sidebar and add it to your blog. Just send me an e-mail to (or leave a comment) and give me your name and blog address. I'll draw for a winner this week-end. Thanks so much for supporting our blog!

'till there's no more!


  1. Ok - I have to know the story of your shirt! Where you got it, what it means? :) I keep waiting for the next sermons to go up online. Enjoyed the first one!

  2. Hey Christy.... so glad you asked. : ) (un)adopted is a program that supports children who will never be adopted. They are older and will age out of their orphanage. This program supplies them with life skills to go out into their world and be able to make a living and care for themselves without turning to the plethora of options that would leave them devastated, degraded and/or dead. It is division of a local child service organization in bham. This sort of ministry is very important to my husband and me and we have learned about a few organizations offering this type of orphan care. We are planning to partner with one of these.... so I'm sure you will be reading more about the outcome in the future on my blog. BTW.... love your heart : )
    'ti there's "no more"

  3. Love seeing your beautiful families all together! How fun to have friends that share your heart for adoption and big families! Hope that ya'll have a great Thanksgiving!!!! Ordered another t-shirt for a Christmas gift! Hope you got the order! :)

  4. Love this!! Hate that we were out of town when they were here. Would have loved to meet them.

    Thanks for posting a pic of you wearing our shirt on your blog. You are awesome!! Getting ready to go do some Christmas shopping to benefit you guys!!