Sunday, November 28, 2010

Final post of National Adoption Month

National Adoption Awareness month may be almost over but it has been a month that has changed my life forever. My heart is so full I could not possibly get my thoughts out and actually make sense. God is answering so many of my family's prayers and He is piecing together a puzzle that leads to a lifetime of orphan care. In the months to come, as He hashes out the details for His plan for our family, I will be sharing but all I'm saying is... we are some excited folks right now.

This month our pastor has taken my answer for why we are adopting and simplified it to 6 simple words.

"ADOPTED people want to adopt PEOPLE"!

I'm a simple person, so that just works for me.... but if you'd like a bit more meat with that, enjoy this article by Dan Cruver. Then you MUST watch the video. Turn my music down and enjoy these informative resources.

'til there's no more!

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