Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Shirts and New Prices!!!

Hallelujah!!!! We sold (almost) every adult t-shirt we had. So, how did we celebrate? You guessed it.... we ordered more shirts. The soft shirt was the best seller, so that's what we ordered. We have been out of small and mediums for several weeks. Many of you have e-mailed me inquiring about whether we would have more, and we do. I had a few requests for an XXL so I now have a few of those as well.
We have a new "discounted" price on the youth sizes.... they are only $15. These have been hard to sell so please consider them for Christmas gifts for the kids on your shopping list. They are absolutely adorable.... my kids wear them all the time. Here is a picture of our twins proudly showing off their "Esther shirts".

Do they look proud or what?

I can't thank you all enough for supporting us through shirt sales. When I picked up the first order I remember thinking, "oh my, we can never sell THIS many shirts". Shawn reminded me a few days ago that WE haven't sold ONE yet.... the LORD has sold them all for us. : ) After all, He did say He had this thing covered.
We have sold many of them to blogger friends. Ohio, you guys rock... I have lost count of how many shirts I've mailed to you. I've never been to Ohio... but I think I want to visit; Esther has some major supporters there. Our friends and family have bought tons, friends have sold them on facebook for us and then there was "Orphan Sunday" when our church family knocked our socks off with sales. We have a friend in the dental business who purchased one for every employee in his office... They are designating certain days to wear them as a team and also have one on display at their front desk. Then there is a very special family who is determined to help us get this baby home..... I will introduce you to them and share what they have been doing for us in my next post. Don't miss it!

Hope everyone is having a great week. It is flying by at our house!

'till there's "no more",


  1. Yay for more shirts! We LOVE ours!! Want to order another one for a Christmas gift!!

  2. Yes I'm ordering some....perfect Christmas gifts! So excited GOD has sold your shirts--I love that your husband remembered that it is God who sells those shirts!
    So since I'm local that means we'll get to meet and you won't have to ship them! Yay! :)