Sunday, November 14, 2010

Introducing.... a very special family!

I know I'm constantly testifying about God's provisions for our adoption. I hope you guys aren't too sick of it but I just can't help myself. This is the part that is totally blowing our minds right now. I'm not sure why it is so amazing to us since we know that God is more than capable of providing for our every need... but it still has us in tears as we watch daily as HE fulfills His promises to us.

Our family has spent a lot of this year reflecting on the early church and their love for Jesus and for others. We have prayed and strived to re-arrange our priorities so that we could "do life" more like they did. We were captivated by the truth that they sold their personal belongings and gave to whoever was in need. I think when a believer in the early church had a need, the body went to work to make it happen. Many of us are challenged by a lifestyle that looks like that because we have fallen victim to the desire of obtaining the American dream. However, over the past 5 months I have been inspired by many people who have been willing to step out in faith and give of their resources and time in order to help us bring our baby home. Let me introduce you to one of those families.

Our very dear friends, The Frye Family!!!!

This amazing family loves Jesus, they love others, and oh man, do they love our Esther! And, we love them and are forever grateful for the many ways they are helping us get closer to bringing her home. Jodie decided that instead of just buying our adoption shirt for themselves, they would make up their own order forms and sell them to others. Then, along with their precious boys, they came up with the idea of going door to door in their neighborhood asking people for "change for life". How amazing is that?! Jodie said, "children come to my door all the time asking for support for their fundraisers; Why wouldn't we go door to door asking for help to bring this baby home?" Well of course that makes sense but I was floored that another family would do this for our family. However, though we are blessed beyond measure, I know that this sweet family has received just as much blessing from becoming a part of Esther's story. That was very evident when we went to their house last week-end. We dropped off several shirts they had sold in exchange for the money they had raised for us. Included in the envelope were pictures they had drawn and "love notes" from their boys to Esther. WOW! Shawn and I drove home in tears. Our hearts were filled with gratefulness for what this family is doing for us. You see, this is not a "we've done our part" kind of deal for them... They are committed to our baby girl.... their motto is "we won't stop until she's home". They will forever be a part of her story.... her journey to redemption.

Here are the "orphan loving" Frye boys sporting their team colors.... their on Esther's team!

Eric, Jodie, G, A & P, we love you guys and can't thank you enough for loving our baby girl and being dedicated to bringing her home.

We know that our Father is the one providing for Esther's homecoming, but He is using families just like the Fryes to make it happen. They are just one of many who are being obedient to the command of caring for orphans by helping us provide this child with a home and a family. We give these families thanks, but we give God ALL the Glory! Not to us, but to YOUR name, Father, be all the Glory!

'till there's "no more"!


  1. WOW!!! What a blessing to have such friends, who are witnesses of His love and provision.

  2. That is so awesome! Wish we had some great friends like that. Ever since we took the adoption route we have lost a lot of friends. They just do not speak about it or ask about it. It so sad. I feel like maybe these people were not our friends anyway and God will pout the right ones in oour path. Love following your family. Blessings!

  3. AMEN! It is ALL HIM! I love how He does exceedingly above all we could ask or imagine! Ephesians 3:20! Again and again, He does that. We have witnessed it first hand.
    I am just loving seeing how He is providing for sweet Esther.
    Speaking of....
    I AM ORDERING SHIRTS VERY SOON! ;) I know three ladies who they will make the PERFECT Christmas gift for! Yay!

  4. What an PERFECT, beautiful picture of how friendship should look. :)