Sunday, November 7, 2010

Congrats! We have a winner..... and a few pics from today!

I would love to show you some cute-sie pic of one of my adorable kids drawing a winning name out of a bowl..... but it's been a long day and... well, they are in the bed and mama won't be far behind them tonight. So I did the drawing and congrats to MANDY! You are the winner of "Adopted for Life". We actually had this book on display today at our church, along with many others that our pastor is recommending for this month.

It was a wonderful Orphan Sunday at Christ City Church! Our pastor is very passionate about adoption so it was very cool to hear vertical adoption AND horizontal adoption shared from the pulpit. Our sermon series for the month of November is titled, "Adopt(ed)". I will be sharing highlights from each week and you can hear the sermons for yourself at the website HERE. I'll share a quote from this morning and then a few pics of our table.
"When people are adopted, they want to adopt people".
It is that very truth (my adoption in Christ) that God used to begin preparing my heart for his call on us to adopt. Hopefully, I can get that from my heart to this blog one day soon.

So I had my professional photographer take pics this morning.... only I forgot to tell her that I wanted pictures of all of the tables. We had six ministries set up with displays filled with information. You could visit our welcome center and learn more about helping aged out orphans acquire life skills, how to become a foster parent, get involved with a local ministry that has recently opened an orphanage in Uganda, discuss the process of adoption with a local adoption agency, sign up to become a mentor to local pregnant moms and assist in caring for their babies AND you could purchase our adoption fundraiser shirt. Every table had lots of traffic.... and we sold a ton of shirts! Thank you to our CCC family for being so gracious to our family this morning.

The first pic is obviously our shirt table and below is our table for "Expecting a Blessing".

I have to share this hilarious picture with you. I don't even know when this dress-out took place but Lexie just sent it to me in an e-mail.

The Tide might not be rolling in Bama..... but who cares, we are team Esther all the way!

I just hope my little man didn't put that shirt back in the box to sale when he was done with it. If you order a kid size shirt and it's severely stretched out... just send it back : )

Hope everyone had a great Orphan Sunday! We won't stop.... till there's "no more"


  1. That is amazing! How cool your church is so behind it and I can't wait to hear them online. I would love to see what other books your pastor is encouraging everyone to read this month. Guess I'm still going to have to keep Adopted for Life on my Amazon wish list. ;)

  2. Hey Christy! I will include the entire book list in a post next week. I see you just read Outlive Your Life..... that is a great one. Look for a post about the books soon. Thanks for entering..... hope you get the book soon!

  3. Polly - I've done a couple posts over the last two weeks featuring some fundraising families. I have another post going up Wednesday with one more spot for a family (as of right now) and plan to do another post next week to feature another 3-4 families. Do you want to write something up so that I can feature you guys there? Check out the other posts to see what other families wrote. And, I would need a family picture too.

    Let me know if you are interested.

  4. Polly that is wonderful that CCC is on FIRE for the orphan! Praise God! I've heard so many wonderful things about the church...
    And I'm so thrilled you are able to sell those shirts over the next few weeks! May God richly supply your family with all that is needed!
    I'm so excited to follow your journey to Ethiopia! I've followed lots of journeys to China, so this will be a new adventure for me (vicariously, of course! :)

  5. Hey Laine!!!! I think I saw your family last night at "Cry of the Orphan" in Bham!? Am I right? Our table was near the back so I couldn't see too well, but I think I'm right. We had a great time. How exciting it was to be in a room packed with people fighting for the orphans.
    Come visit us at CCC sometime if you guys get a chance. Would love to sit and talk "in person".
    : )